MN Solutions specialise in strategic and management consulting to the upstream oil and gas industry, with expertise in strategy, portfolio management, business development and project management.

We offer particular expertise in exploration, where - in an integrated manner - we cover strategy, portfolio, project management, processes and work-flows, organisational design, joint ventures, HSE, technology, leadership skills and change management.

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Truly unique training

MN Solutions now offers targeted, in depth training courses for oil and gas professionals. Recognised as one of the premier experts in his field, our Director, Dr Mike Naylor brings over 40 years of experience to our comprehensive and tailored programmes.

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We have worked with

We have worked with a diverse group of clients ranging from small independents to the international majors and national oil companies. Some previous clients include:

Worldwide Experience

With over 38 years of international experience and extensive options to support customers around the world,
MN solutions is the clear choice regardless of your organisation's location.

The MN Solutions difference

At MN solutions we pride ourselves on offering a service which goes beyond the ordinary.
The wealth of experience we bring to bear gives us a competitive advantage which we pass on to our clients.

What we do

MN Solutions (Cambridge) Ltd offers advice and consultancy to oil and gas companies and regulators in four areas: strategy development; oil and gas; technology and innovation; leadership education and development.

MN Solutions is led by Dr Michael A Naylor. Mike is an alumnus of Cambridge University and holds both an M.A and Ph.D. in geology. With over 30 years in upstream oil and gas, Mike is recognised internationally as a geoscience practitioner, manager and senior business leader. Mike served as a Vice President with Shell before founding MN solutions. Though majoring in the oil and gas business, Mike's cv is richly varied, qualifying him to work with many businesses in the fields of strategy, portfolio advice and leadership development.

Today, in addition to his work at MN solutions, Mike acts as an advisor to a top tier management consulting firm.

Why MN Solutions?

At MN solutions the breadth and depth of knowledge we offer is second only to our experience, and industry contacts. Our Managing director, Mike Naylor has over 40 years of industry experience and draws on an extensive understanding of the industry based on an impressive and growing CV. Mike spent many years with shell, was a former board director and over the years has served as an adviser to National Oil Companies, investment banks and smaller independents.

We offer:

  • Unique exploration experience and knowledge of management, processes and geological basins.
  • Unique exploration management training course, highly acclaimed.
  • Unique breadth of experience – Corporate governance, BD – exploration, leadership development, exec ed.
  • Proprietary tools for developing strategy, analysing process and managing projects.
  • Network - able to bring in experts in other areas and for greater depth of geological analysis.

Our Perspective

At MN Solutions we believe in delivering excellence through supporting clients in the way which works best for them.

We work face-to-face with clients in small groups or in a one-to-one coaching and advisory capacity. In order to make best use of a client’s valuable time, we can also collaborate through video-conferencing. We typically develop advisory materials and draft reports offline before presenting these to the client.

Our work always begins with a scoping conversation for which there is no charge. In the rare cases where we cannot help, we will tell you, or introduce you to someone who can through our network of industry contacts.

Our logo symbolizes our model for business success. Blue denotes all the ‘cold’ rationale stuff (science, analysis, processes etc), red represents the ‘soft’ stuff (behaviours, values and relationships) and white means the space needed for creativity. In our experience, success comes from appropriate attention to all 3 components.

Client Results

Our breadth and depth of experience as well as the tailored nature of our services means we come highly recommended, both in terms of our educational courses and our independent consulting.

  • You present a fair picture of what YYY is today and your summary reflects our strengths and weaknesses. It therefore highlights which areas we should reinforce to reach our goals.
  • The background paper you prepared for me was invaluable in helping me to understand what was happening with regard to XXX
  • I am very pleased with the quick turnaround. You are providing us with good material to allow closure on old issues so that we can move forward. You have enabled a vigorous dialogue with the ExCo so that we can create incremental enterprise value.
  • Thank you very much for your time this morning. It has been a highly insightful conversation and we very much appreciated hearing your perspective and experience.

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