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It’s back! Best practice in exploration management

Only a couple of months after my last visit, I was back in Bangkok to present the course ‘best practice in Exploration Management’ to an audience of present and future exploration leaders in PTT.EP. This is my flagship course, and is the third time that I have presented it to an NOC audience. We examined all facets of the exploration leaders role, including strategy, portfolio management, project management,  venture management across the exploration life-cycle (new ventures, prospect maturation and appraisal), performance management and target setting, capability, organisational structures, technology. The group left with action plans and a mind-full of new concepts to put to use at work.    

Portfolio management in Bangkok

On my first visit to Thailand, I had the pleasure of presenting a newly designed course on portfolio management to an enthusiastic audience from PTT.EP. We looked at the value created by portfolio management in the upstream oil and gas business, reviewed key concepts and practiced a range of techniques through exercises and discussion sessions.