Now available – exploration manual

We have been working on capturing the experience and content of our acclaimed flagship course in an Exploration Management manual. We are very excited to have just received the first copies from the printers. The manual comes as a print copy with an accompanying PDF file. If you would like to purchase a copy or view some sample pages, please get in touch.

It’s back! Best practice in exploration management

Only a couple of months after my last visit, I was back in Bangkok to present the course ‘best practice in Exploration Management’ to an audience of present and future exploration leaders in PTT.EP. This is my flagship course, and is the third time that I have presented it to an NOC audience. We examined all facets of the exploration leaders role, including strategy, portfolio management, project management,  venture management across the exploration life-cycle (new ventures, prospect maturation and appraisal), performance management and target setting, capability, organisational structures, technology. The group left with action plans and a mind-full of new concepts to put to use at work.    

Portfolio management in Bangkok

On my first visit to Thailand, I had the pleasure of presenting a newly designed course on portfolio management to an enthusiastic audience from PTT.EP. We looked at the value created by portfolio management in the upstream oil and gas business, reviewed key concepts and practiced a range of techniques through exercises and discussion sessions.  

Seismic shock

Schlumberger recently announced that they are selling off their seismic acquisition business (branded as Western Geco), although they plan to remain in the seismic processing market. It is one of the few product areas which is unprofitable apparently. This capital-, equipment- and people- intensive business is a casualty of the low oil price, the industry drive to reduce cost and the downturn in exploration. Seismic acquisition has become adept at riding out the cycles. In previous downturns, it survived by slashing costs, and operating at a loss or covering the cost of capital. When good times returned, they crank up the prices and make profits to compensate. The move by Schlumberger is particularly worrying. Do they foresee prolonged low oil… Read more »

Advisory Council of RWM Ltd – November 2017

Mike Naylor was appointed to the Advisory Council of RWM in November 2017. RWM (Radioactive Waste Management Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the UK’s NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority). Its mission is to deliver a national geological disposal facility and provide radioactive waste management solutions. The Advisory Council of RWM will provide expertise, balanced perspective and strategic support to RWM as it moves into a significant phase of its programme to deliver a geological disposal facility (GDF). Its members are experienced leaders from a variety of business, engineering, infrastructure and society backgrounds. They will provide vital input to one of the most complex and important long-term projects ever undertaken in the UK. Mike brings to the group expertise in the… Read more »


Welcome to the new website of MN Solutions (Cambridge) Ltd.  Our aim is to give you some insight into what we have to offer as a management consultant to the upstream oil and gas industry. Whether your interest is corporate strategy, the exploration business, project management, technology or leadership development, I hope you will find something of interest.  If you would like to know more, please get in touch. From time to time, I will post blogs relating to industry news and current trends. So please book mark the website, check back from time to time and feel free to join in the conversation. Best wishes. Mike Naylor

MN Solution Space – March 2017

MN SolutionSpace is an occasional newsletter to keep you updated on MN Solutions. As well as highlighting what we do, I hope it may in a small way entertain, inform and provoke new thoughts. What price low oil price? The current oil price slump has lasted more than 2 years. The optimists claim there are small signs of recovery, but not all companies agree. Brent oil price Predictable responses The response to persistent low oil prices is predictable. In companies, first come cost saving initiatives, then budget cuts, including putting major capital projects on hold and eventually staff cuts. Opec members, if they are willing to toe the line, will eventually announce production cuts to bolster prices. Cost saving initiatives… Read more »

MN SolutionSpace – December 2016

MN SolutionSpace is an occasional newsletter to keep you updated on MN Solutions. As well as highlighting what we do, I hope it may in a small way entertain, inform and provoke new thoughts. Return on technology investment It was a casual question posed at the end of a long client call about innovation. “Dr Naylor, you are the expert. What is a good return on technology investment?” I always feel simultaneously flattered and wary when I am described as the expert, especially in those cultures which revere experts and accept their opinions without question. I pondered for a few moments and answered “A factor of 5 to 10”. The number came back to haunt me in a later call.… Read more »

MN Solution Space – from the archive

Here is a second news-sheet from MN Solutions. It may in a small way entertain or inform you and perhaps provoke your thoughts in new directions. In the first issue in March, I wrote – prophetically – that it would appear only occasionally. Plans to produce a summer edition were thwarted by a couple of demanding projects. Perhaps the reader who suggested I should be Tweeting or Blogging was right….. Backyard news After an exceptionally hot, dry April and May, we had the coolest wettest August for 20 years, and then the warmest November on record. This amply fuelled our British obsession for discussing the weather but put paid to any attempts to become self-sufficient on the vegetable plot. The… Read more »