Exploration management manual

This 300 page, colour-printed manual summarise all the concepts, practices and challenges which the exploration manager of the future needs to understand. It is based on our flagship course ‘Best practice in exploration management’.

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What readers have said

Wow – a really refreshing 21st century perspective

Interesting! Very good read.

This is a handy, accessible document for any exploration manager looking to improve how their exploration organization does its business..!

There is a career’s worth of experience and advice here.

The breadth and depth of the content is unique. I don’t think there is anything like this available anywhere else.

Valuable for those wanting a refresh and new ideas about delivery through exploration.

There are many more themes and topics than I expected.

What you have put together in this book is really remarkable, understandable and very usable for all parts of the upstream business, not only for exploration.

View some sample pages here…..

Expl manual -sample pdf format