We employ a range of original tools to help clients develop their strategy, whether for the whole upstream business, for exploration or for a local office. Strategy does not end with a few high level aspirations: it needs detailed implementation and communication plans.

Why us? We offer clients an advantage through our combination of creative thinking, plus practical experience of developing successful and actionable strategies for majors, NOC’s and independents. Strategies may fail for a variety of reasons, and through our insights we can ensure that clients do not fall into the many ‘strategy to action pitfalls’.



Portfolio management

Understanding your portfolio and modelling what it can deliver is a fundamental part of testing alternative strategies and making business plan projections.

Why us? We can help with the conceptual design of a portfolio database, test your actual or aspired portfolio using a simple Monte Carlo modelling tool and advise on appropriate performances KPI’s. We now offer a dedicated course in portfolio management.



Project management

A framework for project management is essential for clarity of goals and roles, a communication tool with staff and management and increasingly required in order to deliver on time and on budget.  We can offer a generic framework and help you tailor it to for exploration activities, major capital projects and technology development. We also offer a dedicated course in exploration project management.

Why us? Most consultants will offer you essentially the same generic framework. Where we differ is in our practical experience – the project management process we offer will be enabling, non-bureaucratic and value adding.



Exploration advice

We can offer advice to exploration companies and divisions across the full exploration life cycle.  Whether you wish to develop an exploration strategy, develop your portfolio or analyse its quality and deliverability, or improve your delivery of exploration ventures, we can help. We have experience in strategy and project management in exploration new ventures, prospect maturation and appraisal.

We can also offer a holistic exploration health- check of your organisation, conduct a technical review of your prospect portfolio and assist in the development and application of competence frameworks

Why us? We have more than 30 years hands-on experience in exploration, both technical and managerial, with large and small companies. This experience is captured and shared through our flagship course ‘Best practice in exploration management’. 




Technology development, deployment and integration are key success factors in upstream oil and gas. The upstream professional and management population appears to be divided into believers and intense sceptics. This is a gap which we can help you bridge. We can offer expert opinions on specific technologies. We can also help in ‘before, during, and after the fact’ processes: developing a technology strategy and planning process, defining technology needs and deployments and value of technology assessments

Why us? Our director has experience as a research scientist, as a research manager and as the owner, business sponsor and end-user of emerging technologies.